Hey People!!!

To start off I would like to tell You a bit of how We came about?

My name is Karolina Przeklas and I have been Living in London for the last 8 years and I’ll be hones; I absolutely love it.

So, I want to share a bit of My love with all those People out there that actually want to take advantages of this Great City and live a bit. Go out!!! London is Waiting for You!!!

Anyway, the idea is that I’ll tell You what I’m up to and if you want to come alone and have fun you more then welcome.Yes, it’s just another blog, that’s probably what you thinking now and Yes I agree with Youbut there is nothing that is stoping you from getting a POLISHEYE on London.

Try it and I hope You like it!!!

Oh by the way this is one of my favorite pictures of London. I took it last year during Frost Fair.



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