Calle Sante Fe – Chilean Film

Having watched “a promise to the dead” it seem only right to come back to the ICA cinema to watch “Calle Sante Fe”. In keepin with the International Human Rights Film Festival. Calle Sante Fe is also a Chilean film from the around the same time as Ariel Dorfman’s “a promise to the dead”. Although both are contrasting films both are about the opression impossed on Chilean’s under the Augusto Pinochet regime.

The Calle Sante Fe revovles around a gun battle in Calle Sante Fe between the Pinoceht Military Regime and a handful of rebels, it’s then a look into the past, of what could have been changed, could things have been different the views of the survivors and the opinions of the eventual children as well as the struggles they all still have from that fateful day.

An interesting film of a moment which grabbed international attention at the time.

Calle Sante Fe is apprently availble on dvd some where on french internet. I am yet able to find it.

Calle Santa Fe


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