Vitality Show Olympia

We all know very well how easy it is to just slack off in London. People get preoccupied with every day life, things like working, shopping and forget about those little things for example sharing it in the blog…..

I just wanted to say hello again after a short break.

I would like to share with you my experience of The Vitality Show in Olympia. It was definitely worth checking out. You get to be introduced to many companies that are trying to break through the market and get their product across to the general public. The show was not just for a beauty industry but also about wellbeing, healthy food, spas and fitness basically about being healthy or healthier.

There were many attractions like the Harrow Trampoline Club or free tester lessons to learn pole dancing. Speaking of which, on Saturday I witnessed an incident…paramedics around the trampoline giving oxygen to some person. I really hope that person is fine.

Saturday was the busiest day so if you are planing on going next year, check it out on Thursday or Friday. I would definitely recommend it.

Companies that I would like to mention are Mashooq that was selling a gorgeous oil as a hair treatment. It made My hair lovely and shiny using natural a blend of oils that you can use not only on your hair but all over your body – check it out….

Also Protocol that was selling a variety of beauty products all based on pure collagen for example, collagen capsules, microdermabrasion, mineral make up range and finishing with an instant manicure scrub that will give your hands a glow like never before.

From the food section I would like to let you know about The Healing Teahouse that had a range of delicious tasting teas with a blend of natural ingredients and one of my favorites The Snowdonia Cheese Company. This one doesn’t really need any advertising as it has already won a whole bunch of awards. Their cheeses are lovely rich mature cheddars definitely worth checking out.

All together it was four days of fun and trying out new stuff for me. Olympia exhibition center runs many good shows throughout the year.

Oh, just one more thing – if you decide to go next year get yourself organised. Come with a trolley or buy one at the exhibition because the show was meant to be about vitality and it really made me laugh to see everyone carrying these heavy bags full of goodies!

So have a nice week and I’ll get back to You soon.

Olimpia Vitality Show

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