Carnaval del Pueblo – Biggest Latin Festival in Europe

For all of you Polish boys and girls who like to do things that are different then consider heading down to the Biggest Latin Festival in Europe.

This is one of those free festivals that if i am in London i will not miss for the world. Some of the biggest names in Latin American Music have played at El Carnaval del Publo, people such as Oscar D’leon, Grupo Niche and many others.

The music on display will not be that of just salsa, here you will be to hear Andean music, the Legendary sounds of Brasil, Flamenco, Son, Bolero, Merengue the list goes on, and where there is latin music there will be latin food and lots of it.

As with most Latin Events Children are welcome and not only that, the children are also expected to join in the atmopshere of Europe’s best Free Latin Festival. One of the most child friendly festivals you will find in London.

For more information  on Carnaval del Pueblo check out their website


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