Latin Dub Sounds System – Mini Album Launch Review

After flying up to Bricklane from work which is in South London i was really  hoping this would be a good night as the day at work was an unusually stressful day. Anyway like i said i was hoping for a good evening and boy i was not let down.

After walking to the new Music venue at the Vibe Bar which is upstairs i was plesantly surprised to find venue stylishly decked out and there was some food on offer. All of which was Latin American Cusine. So i grab my self a plate of the Empanadas, Salsa and Guacamole that was on offer, mmmm, and then went to the Bar for a drink to wash down this fine food and listen to all the Latin Flava’s being played by the DJ.

The Show Started with a Live Flamenco Guitarist and Dancer. The crowd had to huddle round to be able to get a view that created a very intimate and energetic mood which set the tone for the rest of the evening. After 20 mins of some blistering guitar work ferocious Dancing from the duo we were now ready to Hear what Latin Dub Sound System had to say, and believe you me, they ended up saying a lot.

Latin Dub opened with an acoustic set of their song 15years sung by Amy, what a voice, absolutely incredible. This was to be the only acoustic bit of the set as by the 2nd song the entire band which could be called an orchestra of sorts started to have their say. Slightly shaky but with so much energy and passion it was difficult not to get into the mood. By the time Sonido came on with YunGun on the mic the band was now in full swing and from there on in there was no holding back. The band manage to keep this high octane energy level which was amazing as the room was blisstering hot and must have been even hotter under the stage lights. And what a way to finish with Millon Dan on the 2nd to last song called Futuristic, what a catchy Flava and then for the final push up a level (if that was actually possible) on DanceHall Samba which practically destroyed the place as the band Just Jammed this song out in all manner of style’s allowing all the MC’s to spit a verse or two.

And then just like that the band was off stage bringing us back down to earth with aplomb. By this point there was so much energy in the room that i got the feeling that people wanted the night to go on longer but being a Wednesday night the reality of another long day at work in the morning brought me back down from this wonderful high that this Band the Latin Dub Sound System gave me and i am 100% positive they gave the same if not similar high to the rest of the audience.

Wow is all i have to say. I can and only see this band getting better and better and i for one hope they succeed.

Thanks for making a rubbish day great.

When’s the next gig LDSS?

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Latin Dub Sound System Crew


Lena Cullen, Eva Abraham, Amy Lauren, Kathrine Prado, Corin Pennington


YunGun, Million Dan, Off Key


Alaric (trumpet) Dan (trombone)

Percussion Section

Boo (Congas) Forde (Timbalis) Mista Shifta on Drums


A. Lorenzo (Guitar and Bass) Alex Gatica (guitar)

Piano and Band Leader

The Sea Aka Corin Pennington

I will have some pictures of the night up later tonight.


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