Indios Bravos Review – Cargo – London – 2008

Indios Bravos

What Brilliant night.

I took my boyfriend (who is of Latin American descent) down to check out some Polish Reggae. And as i have been to many Latin gigs over the years of which he has introduced to me, i thought it was about time to repay the favour, as every other polish gig that have ever taken him to, has been very much a pop orientated affair, something of which he has no time for, regardless of what language it is sung in.

Now i have to admit that i, myself am not the greatest fan of reggae, but i am obviously aware of such reggae luminaries as, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh to mention but a few, so, i thought to myself i would give this a shot, and i have to say, the evening was a thouroughly enjoyable one.

The music was great, the vibe, even better and to top it all off, Indios Bravos came out with a fantastic encore of “when the Music is Over” by The Doors. Which trully brought the house down and brought a huge smile to my partner’s face; as it was one of 3 songs he knew. Bless.

Just maybe he will learn enough Polish to sing the blues with me as well.

Indios Bravos – Polish Band, Spanish Name, Reggae Music.

If that is not a revoultuon then nothing is!



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