Latin Dub at Camino in Kings Cross

So here we are again writing about the new music revolution. Great!!!! Latin Dub never lets you down. If you looking for a great night out with music that will get you moving, Latin Dub are the way forward. That is exactly what happend last Friday. When I got to the venue at around 8 p.m. The bar was alredy rammed and dancing had already started. Well you can’t really blame pleople cos when the music is just right, place is cool and whats most important all your friends are there then for sure it’s time to party. LAtin Dub smashed it. DJ set started off with A Lorenzo and The Sea warming the crowd up. To be honest it didn’t take them long. They were busting the groves, and everyone was loving it. Next up the was some live guitar and percusions, the set was nicley finished by an old Skool Salsa/Cumbia set by A-Lito-G. Without going in to too much detail There was lots of tequila, dancing and all together a great friday night. There was one diference this time, it was that I wasn’t suprised. I knew that Latin Dub was going to entertain everyone who showed up to see them and as always they smashed it.


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